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Selecting the right business to launch a new career doesn't have to be a difficult task. Although there are many factors to take into account, the most important is finding a business that offers exceptional growth potential and a great likelihood of financial stability. When you're investing your hard-earned dollars, you want to select a business that offers a high-level of economic stability and is not greatly affected by fluctuations in the economy.

Dry cleaning is a multi-billion dollar industry that has time and again proven to be recession proof. Clothing will always be in need of cleaning. Furthermore, dry cleaning is a cash and carry business which does not require investing funds in extensive inventory.

According to U.S. News & World Report, dry cleaning is one of ten fields that do not sound glamorous, but often make their owners millionaires. Why? Because, "there's never a shortage of dirty clothes." Every day millions of consumers take their clothing to a dry cleaner. Thousands of new types of garments are labeled "dry clean only," which has created an industry estimated to generate $6 to $7 billion a year.

It doesn't matter what the latest trend in clothing may be, if it's summer, winter, holiday season, or vacation time. Customers will always have their quality garments cleaned professionally. Even with the proliferation of "casual work days" or "wrinkle free," a vast majority of these garments still need to be professionally cleaned and pressed.

DRYCLEAN USA and the dry cleaning business presents entrepreneurs who have the desire and drive to succeed the opportunity to serve consumers while living the American dream - owning and operating your own business.

DRYCLEAN USA is committed to selecting the highest quality entrepreneurs and giving them the opportunity and tools to develop single and/or multiple license units throughout a specific, protected territory. There are two options as a prospective licensee:

  • Master License
  • Single Plant License

If you choose to become a master license developer, you will be responsible for the development of a pre-determined number of stores in your exclusive territory. This can be accomplished by opening your own locations, developing sub-licenses in your area or a combination of both strategies. Success as a master license developer can be measured by sharing in the successes of the stores operating under your master license agreement.

As DRYCLEAN USA continues to make a brand name marketing impact from coast-to-coast - master license developers become the foundation of the company's strength and presence in the marketplace.

As a single "plant" store operator, you will share in the strength of the DRYCLEAN USA name while realizing the entrepreneurial freedom of owning a business that is part of a multi-billion dollar industry. You will have the flexibility of treating virtually any type of garment in your store with some of the finest equipment available in the industry. Successful plant licensees have the opportunity to open additional stores.

If you open a "plant" store, and qualify for another store, you may apply to open another "plant" store or a "drop" store. A "drop" store is a location where customers drop off their garments which are then sent to a full-service DRYCLEAN USA plant location for processing.

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