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Join The Team

Every day, Door Renew franchisees across the country renew faded, peeling, ugly doors. This transformation into something beautiful provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction. We deliver a premium service, and charge accordingly, while still saving customers hundreds on replacement.

There is a strong demand for the restoration services we provide. Competition is minimal and most who restore doors don't do it properly. Find out more about Door Renew by reviewing this site, then contact us for the next step.

About Us

As the name implies, Door Renew renews doors! It sounds simple enough, but it's an art to take an old door and make it look new again. Door Renew will not only help you learn all of the steps needed to accomplish the restoration, but also how to operate a profitable business. As a franchise owner, you can be a part of bringing smiles to the faces of customers who are pleased with their "new" door at a very reasonable cost to them. We will share our secrets with you, including our temporary door system, and will show you how to do everything. We will also share our business model and will help you see what it takes to be successful in the door restoration business. We have a proven track record and we want to see you flourish in your own business with Door Renew's name, knowledge, procedures, and training. So take the plunge and let us help you get started on a great business opportunity!

  • High-profit margin
  • Low overhead
  • Very little competition
  • No expensive equipment
  • Very limited liability
  • Residential & Commercial Sectors
  • Work in your shop, at your pace
  • Work with your hands
  • High-tech in a low-tech trade
  • Tremendous sense of satisfaction
  • You're not a slave to email
  • You're not in constant meetings
  • We teach you the system
  • Set your own schedule

Training & Support

When you join Door Renew's team as a franchise owner, you can expect support in a number of different areas:

  • Operational Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Overall Program Oversight

Training includes:

  • 1 week of Training at Door Renew-s HQ in Cincinnati, OH, timed just before you open your business
  • 2–3 days of Training at your location to get your business started
  • Regular teleconference and webinar training sessions
  • Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business

Ideal Candidate

Who are the Door Renew franchisees and do I have what it takes?

Door Renew franchisees are proud Americans who have set out to achieve the American dream. Franchisees come from all walks of life and of every size, shape and background. What we have in common is a burning desire to control our own futures. We're not afraid of hard work. We take great pride in our work, recognizing that every door bears our signature. We're dependable and reliable. We're the sort of people you want as a neighbor. We're active in our community, schools and social groups. We're winners who will do what it takes to succeed. We understand the benefit of working to accomplish our dreams and don't want things handed to us. We're motivated and self-disciplined, not needing, or wanting, others to set our schedules for us. We're family-oriented and work diligently to provide a great future for those we love.

Are You The Next Door Renew franchisee?

Here are some qualities that we believe make an ideal candidate.

  • Dissatisfied with current situation and prospects
  • Not afraid to make a change
  • Want to control their own future, schedule and calendar
  • Desire to have the satisfaction of business ownership
  • Burning desire to improve current state in life
  • Takes pride in a job well done
  • Self-disciplined
  • Motivated to begin a journey
  • Dedicated to see it to completion
  • Cheerful - we all need to enjoy what we do

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