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DirectBuy - A Club Whose Time Has Come

DirectBuy is a private club whose members have the ability to purchase nearly anything for their homes directly from over 700 name-brand manufacturers while avoiding retail mark-ups. DirectBuy members save money on the things they need for their homes, leaving them with money for the things they want. In times of prosperity or recession, DirectBuy helps families stretch their hard-earned dollars so they can enjoy a higher standard of living.

There's never been a better time

  • A proven system that allows you to quickly realize the results and rewards of your business.
  • Superior marketing programs driven by high quality, cost-effective lead generation.
  • Derive profits directly from membership sales, rather than the sale of merchandise.
  • Incredible savings on overhead costs without having to hold and manage retail inventory.

The largest, most SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS of its kind in North America

With over 38 years of franchise experience and over 160 locations throughout North America, the DirectBuy Club franchise opportunity offers a time-tested and replicable system that enables franchise owners to realize results and reap rewards regardless of the economic climate.

Franchise owners derive their income from membership sales, not from the sale of merchandise. Based on historical experience, when the economy slumps, consumers tend to be attracted to DirectBuy Club for the savings on items they need. In times of prosperity, consumers tend to be eager to purchase higher quality merchandise and add to their wish list.

"DirectBuy is on the cusp of a real mainstream breakthrough. Everyone has heard of DirectBuy, but with difficult times for the American consumer, this company offers an opportunity to ease the financial burdens these families are facing. More and more families are turning to DirectBuy as a reprieve from the mark-ups that they can no longer afford or are just plain sick and tired of paying. This is the best time in our company's 38-year history to be a franchise owner."
Barrett & Aspen Graessle, franchise owners
DirectBuy of Johnson County, KS

Investment in your SUCCESS

DirectBuy provides franchise owners with the tools they need to enhance their profitability and the opportunity to experience financial and personal rewards. Franchise owners directly benefit from DirectBuy's extensive franchise experience and the proven, replicable training and support systems we have developed, including:

  • Site selection, facility design and interior decoration.
  • Training in management, recruiting and staff development programs.
  • Onsite training, consultation and sales and service support.
  • Sales and marketing.
  • Advertising and promotions.
  • Performance and incentive recognition.
  • Merchandising.
  • Merchandise ordering and handling.
  • Customer service.
  • Accounting.


Only you can make that decision. If you possess a desire to control your own future, to make your own decisions and be awarded appropriately, while helping families get more out of life, then you'd be smart to explore this opportunity.

Our ideal candidates have the ability to lead a team of sales and service professionals, as well as a willingness to learn and apply the DirectBuy marketing system and a dedication to excellent customer service.

"To be a successful DirectBuy owner, I believe it is essential to have previous management experience. Managing people and achieving results through them is the key to success. You must also be willing to carry the vision and inspire your people to follow that vision."
Phil & Paula Schmidt, franchise owners
DirectBuy of Little Rock, AR

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