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The emotional impact of a missing child on a parent is indescribable. Parents of lost or missing children are so stressed that they are unable to provide the details police and authorities require and actually slow an investigation. Time is of the essence!

CHIP The Child I.D. Program® is recognized internationally as the foremost authority on instituting "FRANCHISED" child identification & safety programs for both public and private schools, providing service to millions of children every year. CHIP® and its international network of "FRANCHISEES" provides parents with "The Worlds' Most Complete" line of Child Identification Products. Each child's safety package is specifically designed with one intention: TO ASSIST PARENTS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE RAPID AND SAFE RECOVERY OF A LOST, MISSING or RUNAWAY CHILD.


CHIP® is simply an acronym for "CHild Identification Program" and/or "CHild I.D. Products". We have developed a trademarked "child friendly" chipmunk named CHIP. CHIP is a father that is both youthful & very cool, that teaches children how to provide right answers and make proper decisions when they are put in challenging situations that can be potentially dangerous. We believe that children respond quickly and will make the right decisions when learning, by using a character like CHIP®. We will soon be launching a complete line of childrens' apparel and goods that will bear the CHIP® Logo/Mascot, that will increase the visability and name recognition of our company. Our marketing "Tagline" reads: "Educate - Identify - Protect".


Mr. Marc R. Bakerman - President and Founder of CHIP The Child I.D. Program® is recognized internationally as an expert and the foremost authority on creating "FRANCHISED" Child Safety Events for both public and private schools. His creativity and passion for "cutting edge" technology has led to the development of a complete line of child safety products, educational training tools & software that are receiving rave reviews. Over the past 15+ years, Mr. Bakerman's record of unequalled commitment, vision and work ethic is what puts CHIP The Child I.D. Program® at the forefront of this most important industry.

Marc and his wife Karen share the daily duties of raising three young boys: they both understand the concerns of child safety in today's fast paced and sometimes dangerous society. Thus, the Bakerman's are beginning to achieve their dream of being able to create a company that contributes towards the goodwill of society while providing an excellent income opportunity that can be "remarkably" lucrative. Marc says, "When you can get passionate about what you do, it is not work." "Having the ability to help families and earn income in doing so, what could be more rewarding?" In creating this unique opportunity Mr. Bakerman knows that nobody can generate a penny of revenue until they reach out to their communities and help the children first.


CHIP® and its international network of "FRANCHISEES" are active members in their communities who genuinely care about the welfare of children. It is commonplace to find CHIP® "FRANCHISEES" working with local police departments, schools PTA's, elected officials and lawmakers in finding solutions to the dangers that face children on a daily basis.


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