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The name CertiRestore,™ Certified Furniture Restoration, reflects our commitment to performing high-quality repairs and restoration on antique and new furniture by certified trained professionals. We are the first and only national franchise company that specializes in and offers full-service furniture restoration. Plus, we are the only company that certifies its repairs for 50 years! At CertiRestore™ we use only state-of-the-art products and we have developed a repair system that combines old-world quality with the latest technology. We are setting the "gold standard" in the industry of furniture repair and restoration for commercial and residential markets.

CERTIfied Products


CertiRestore™ has taken all of the guesswork out of what products and methods will give you consistent, reliable and beautiful results. After years of struggling with products and repair methods that did not perform to our standards, we decided to develop our own. We had tested the leading products on the market and discovered what worked and what did not.

We have formulated a proprietary line of repair and restoration products, plus methods of repair and restoration that we could certify with confidence and offer to CertiRestore™ franchisees.

In conjunction with one of the leading wood finish manufactures in the world, we at CertiRestore™ designed our own complete line. Including CertiFinish™ for finishing and restoration of fine wood furniture. CertiFinish™ is a solvent-based formula that we developed with several unique solvents and additives. Our unparalleled proprietary formulas make our product, CertiFinish™, easier to use, faster drying, longer lasting, Low VOCs, Low HAPs, E 1 compliant, and certified for use in kitchens and bathrooms. These superior products deliver a beautiful finish.

In order to maintain consistency and quality, a computerized-control method is used for mixing every gallon of product. The manufacturer's mixing process blends even the smallest molecules and particles and suspends them throughout the mix, allowing our CertiFinish,™ CertiDye™ and CertiStain™ products to penetrate deep into the wood pores. In addition, CertiFinish™ can be scuff sanded and recoated in as little as 15 minutes, so there is no wait time for the finish to dry! Purchasing in bulk keeps the cost of our premium CertiRestore™ products lower than the highest grade off-the-shelf finish and stain.

Applying finish is one step of the CertiRestore™ repair and restoration system of furniture finishing. Our CertiRestore™ finishing products allow franchisees to restore worn and damaged finishes better than new.

CertiFinish™ is guaranteed not to blush, crack, chip, peel, lift, craze and protects furniture from water damage or fading (when kept out of direct sunlight) because of its pliability and durability.

CertiFinish™ products cannot be found, or purchased in local hardware or paint stores, or by anyone who is not a franchisee.


In order to maintain our quality standards and to complement our exclusive CertiFinish™ product line, we also developed CertiBond.™

CertiBond™ is a superior adhesive for filling voids, gaps, and repairing loose and broken wood furniture.

CertiBond's proprietary formulas have several unique properties which makes them stronger than any product on the general market. CertiBond™ adhesives are easier to use because they give you additional working time. Plus, they cure faster and stronger than over-the-counter products. CertiBond™ adhesives will allow you to do the repairs that other shops turn away.

Our manufacturer uses a computerized control method of mixing so every gallon of product is consistent and of the highest quality. This allows CertiBond™ adhesives to penetrate deep into the wood pores, which creates a rock solid repair that can be certified for 50 years. CertiBond™ will not fail or crack in extreme conditions because of its pliability, elasticity and strength.

The products purchased in hardware and retail stores are not as dependable as CertiBond™ products and can cost much more.

Training & Support

The CertiRestore™ Training Center offers a thorough training program. Our training philosophy is based on the hands-on approach by incorporating years of work experience. Our techniques and processes have been developed and perfected in our restoration shop since 1989 to deliver consistent and reliable results. The comprehensive training program provides "real world", hands-on training in the use of CertiRestore™ professional-use-only products.

You will learn all the aspects of the CertiRestore™ business including: our furniture repair and restoration systems, marketing, advertising, product knowledge, estimating, scheduling, hiring, training, staffing, software programs, customer service and many more tricks-of-the-trade. Other programs and services offered by CertiRestore™ that will benefit your franchise business include: toll-free 1-800 service, personalized advertising, direct ordering, marketing updates, and product research and development.

The CertiRestore™ training center also regularly schedules advanced training to further advance your skills and techniques. After successfully completing the initial CertiRestore™ training session, a franchise is ready to start their own CertiRestore™ shop with the best possible training for success while knowing that they are backed by continued CertiRestore™ professional technical support.

Why CertiRestore?

We have designed the CertiRestore™ operation to be user-friendly.

The professional quality equipment is easy to use and there are no harsh stripping chemicals to bother with. The results are a high quality, fast, efficient and problem-free processes that enhance your profitability.

Part of what is included in the CertiRestore™ franchise is:

  • CertiRestore™ furniture repair and restoration system
  • Professional spray booth and HVLP spray systems
  • CertiRestore™ custom-designed Tool Tower filled with tools of the trade
  • CertiRestore™ custom-designed Tool Cabinet
  • Two CertiRestore™ custom-designed Work Benches with logo
  • CertiRestore™ Mobile Furniture Repair System
  • CertiRestore™ will teach you the importance of product positioning, pricing strategies and promotions. It's no secret that today's customers want value. The CertiRestore™ value provides a fair price, a quality product, and professional top-shelf service with one goal: customer satisfaction.

We'll help you reach our target audience through various marketing methods we've implemented, tested and improved since 1989.

We've developed and had success with direct mail, newspaper inserts, door-to-door cards, radio, referrals, home improvement shows, trailer decals, banner tape and logo wear. We have all the materials ready to go and we'll show you the how, who, when, how many and why of our marketing plan.

Are You a Good Fit for CertiRestore?

Certirestore a franchise opportunity from Franchise Genius We are searching for individuals who share our commitment to high standards, looking for a business that they can be proud to call their own and possess the following qualities and goal:

  • People who are committed to producing quality products and services - not just wanting to get rich quick..
  • People who understand that a successful sale builds continued success..
  • People who believe that both parties, the buyer and the seller, should receive top value from the transaction..
  • People who are interested in the furniture repair industry and being part of a growing franchise network.

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