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For the love of dogs.

Central Bark™ Doggy Day Care understands that today's busy lifestyles make it difficult to give pets the attention, structure, training, exercise and mental stimulation necessary for happy and well-rounded lives. That's why we're committed to providing a clean, healthy, fun and nurturing environment for dogs while their owners are away. With our focus on exercise, socialization and training, when our owners are reunited with their pooches at the end of the day, they enjoy the company of a happier, healthier, better-behaved dog, friend, companion and family member.

Come run with the big dogs!

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a sincere passion for dogs, owning a Central Bark™ franchise offers personal and professional satisfaction few other occupations can match. But while vision and passion are critical, you need much more than that to succeed at running your own business.

That's where Barkley Ventures comes in. We offer our franchise partners a fully-integrated, successful business model in multiple markets nationwide. We have access to a team of experts in dog day care and related industries, veterinarian approved and supported systems, volume purchasing power and a private-label product line. Plus, we bring our franchise partners an unparalleled level of ongoing support, including:

  • Proactively identifying the obstacles you face so you'll be better prepared to address them
  • Focusing extensively on your operational practices, taking the guesswork out of managing costs and delivering a quality product that makes business sense
  • Backing you with a strong brand image, advertising and public relations efforts and a proven grassroots target marketing program
  • Aggressively researching and developing new ideas, techniques, products and services in order to enhance the Central Bark™ brand and increase customer awareness
  • Helping manage the many unanticipated details

Not to mention our people training!

We provide our franchise partners with comprehensive training and resources to help them maximize their operating performance by solving problems before they arise. Our training tools include:

  • The Central Bark™ Doggy Day Care Operations Manual, your daily guide to general operations, training, marketing guidelines and other essential topics
  • Barkware™, a comprehensive doggy day care software management program built specifically for Central Bark™ to handle scheduling, vaccination reminders, client lists, marketing tools, daily schedules and playgroup assignments, client reminders and notifications, and much more!
  • Comprehensive, detailed consulting services, including in-depth information on recruiting, staff training, human resource issues and daily operations management

Here we grow!

Barkley Ventures' primary focus is to connect like minded dog owners, business savvy individuals, and canine caregivers into a network of professional doggy day care providers. Driven by our desire to promote the safest, highest quality canine care, we aspire to remain at the head of the pack, setting the standard for the Dog Day Care industry.

Since the inception of Central Bark™ Doggy Day Care, we've been expanding our franchise network at a pace that supports our day care members, builds our brand and expands our visibility in the marketplace. Our growth is strategic, steady and based on the company's goals of establishing the best doggy day care system nationwide.

Every franchisee brings new assets and is paramount in developing and maintaining the solid reputation we've achieved. We intend to double our size every six to eight months - strengthening the Central Bark™ brand, building valuable partnerships, educating the public, supporting our franchisees and providing the highest quality of canine care available.

Chances are we're working with someone in your area to make their dreams for a meaningful career in canine care come true. Or, it could be that you're just that person. If canine care is something you're passionate about and you're ready to build your dream, we're behind you all the way.


"The Central Bark system enables you to provide an unparalleled level of customer care and satisfaction. I could never have grown as quickly as I have without the resources and support that accompany being part of such an amazing company."
Kerry Krienitz, Owner
Central Bark Doggy Day Care
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

"Central Bark Doggy Day Care empowered me to go after what I wanted, to do what I love and to be my own boss. When I came to Central Bark, I knew I was home."
Sarah Milewski, Owner
Central Bark Doggy Day Care
Menomonee Valley, Wisconsin

Come grow with us!

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