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The constant rising costs of college averages 7% per year ... the time-consuming, multiyear maze of career decisions, college visits, interviews, tests, letters...

How can families be confident they have found the right college for their child and are receiving the best financial package? Who is there to help?

There is one solution: College Assistance Plus!

The Market

  • 2.4 million students starting college this year, rising to 3.2 million in 7 years!
  • Over 1 million sources for financial aid
  • Parents and college-bound students become emotional; families have limited time available to properly assess college and financial opportunities

The CAPlus Opportunity

  • Families passionately want assistance in managing the college "process"; this is supported by the exceptionally high closing rates and referrals received by our satisfied customers
  • Our programs were developed with one purpose: to fill the void in a marketplace with unlimited potential
  • Extremely high percentage of prospects buy our services

Filling the Need

College Assistance Plus provides resources and program offerings are unmatched in this immerging market. As a franchisee, you will own one of the most unique businesses in the United States! Our franchises are an investment in a growth industry with year-after-year unending demand.

Your College Assistance Plus franchise eliminates the fears and emotions experienced by families as they struggle through their college search. We provide you with the process and resources to develop a personalized strategic plan for families that allows them to achieve their children's dream of obtaining an excellent college education at a manageable cost.

Our proven processes, unique database, and support tools were developed by nationally respected sales and marketing experts that recognized an incredible opportunity that could be applied throughout the US.

Business Development and Training

Every College Assistance Plus franchise will be independently owned and operated. Business owners will receive extensive training that includes program offerings, corporate resources, marketing skills and the technical information needed to succeed.

Our proven program creates qualified leads without requiring the need to cold-call prospective clients. CAPlus provides a business model, developed and implemented by our franchise founders, that defines the step-by-step successful process.

CAPlus is an established turn key business opportunity, providing all the equipment and materials needed to immediately launch your business!

The CAPlus "Advantage"

College Assistance Plus provides a record of success, a team that is committed to ethical business practices, and a support organization committed to your success. With us, you will experience:

  • A business demand that will continue to increase
  • Excellent margins and the potential for a six-figure income
  • A proven, successful business model, with an exceptional close rate, developed by nationally recognized Sales and Marketing experts
  • Modest franchise investment
  • Minimal ongoing expenses
  • A home based business; no facilities, employees, inventories, or receivables issues
  • Extensive ongoing franchise support and administrative resources provided by the company including:
    • Bimonthly newsletters for prospects and clients
    • Access to our customized database and software
    • Custom, personalized client reports
    • Website services
  • A "quick-start" business program

A Record of Success

Is our business model successful? We love having customers share their excitement about the services provided by our business! It is no wonder our demonstrated close rates and referrals are so high.

CAPlus programs are now aligned with several leading organizations that can provide significant lead-generating opportunities throughout territories in the US.

It Is Your Decision!

Just imagine, your own business acquired for a modest investment that equips you with a unique, unmatched proven model, in a market potential that continues to grow every year!

CAPlus offers an excellent business opportunity for sales, marketing, and management professionals who are interested in building a meaningful new business while providing a valuable consulting service to customers.

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