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How Bright is Your Future?

BrightStar is a healthcare staffing service which helps families and businesses live and perform their best. They help keep parents and grandparents out of nursing homes and in their own homes by providing a full range of medical and non-medical services. Businesses such as hospitals count on BrightStar to provide them the much needed healthcare professionals.

The market for BrightStars' services continues to grow rapidly. Currently, 7000 people a day turn 65. By 2030, one out of five people could be a potential client for a health care franchise.

Small Investment Can Pay Big Rewards

This is a low overhead, quick to break-even, fast ramp-up, repeat customer business. BrightStar knows how important it is to hit the ground running and they will help your home health care franchise do just that. They will show you how to start acquiring clients and staff before you open your doors!

"During my search for a franchise business I had the chance to evaluate several healthcare staffing companies. With multiple streams of revenue and the technology to integrate them into one system, BrightStar offers the best solution in home healthcare and medical staffing. In addition, BrightStar's management team has a firm commitment to supporting and helping their franchise partners grow a successful business."
Brian Fitzpatrick, Franchisee

Join a Rising Star

Training is not just an event, it's a core value. At BrightStar continuous learning and personal growth is expected. They are always developing new ways of improving their business and will always share everything with their franchisees.

"I am fortunate to have a few key advisors who have run major businesses. I called upon them to advise me on the BrightStar opportunity. All of them felt it was a strong business model with a tremendous upside potential."
John Botsko, Franchisee

Do You Belong?

If you are ready to take charge of your future and make a difference, a BrightStar Healthcare franchise could be ideal for you. Medical expertise is not essential. They are seeking candidates with leadership abilities and passion to succeed.

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