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Featuring Amoco Fuels & The Wild Bean Cafe

The BP Connect brand is a well respected name in the industry with approximately 200 facilities located in nine states. BP is of one of the world's leading energy companies with operations on six continents and in over 100 countries including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and Russia. BP is a high visibility retailer serving over 14 million customers everyday.

BP Connect - A Brand That Stands Apart

Open 24/7, BP Connect locations combine a large, open convenience store with the Wild Bean Café concept. Powerful, distinctive branding is the cornerstone of BP Connect's high visibility in the convenience store franchise industry. By combining top brands with our own unique, in-demand offerings, BP Connect franchises will continue to lead in the convenience-store industry.

Why BP, BP Connect And Wild Bean Cafe?

Confidence - Investment in the BP and BP Connect brands yield the confidence of knowing you're aligning yourself within a dynamic business model.

Experience - BP has over 25 years of operating experience within the petroleum convenience store industry.

Franchise Management And Employee Training

New franchisees participate in our comprehensive training program developed to teach you how to operate your business utilizing a combination of classroom instruction and self study training in a BP Connect facility. The program includes everything from gasoline marketing to customer service and food safety.

Becoming a BP Connect franchisee featuring the Wild Bean Cafe is a serious commitment; however the rewards are immeasurable:

  • Instant Brand Awareness
  • Strong And Stable, World Corporate Leader
  • Customer Focused, Performance Driven Business Model
  • Corporate Support With A Successful History Of Building Business
  • Access To Our Worldwide Network

Potential Markets

We are seeking franchisees in the Mid-Western and Eastern Regions of the US.

What Do We Look For In A Franchisee?

We are seeking business people with a passion for quality and service. We are committed to building upon our position as the leader in the Petroleum Convenience Store industry.

We invite you to reap the benefits of our success.

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