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The Balance™Diet Company

BalanceD™ is a premium wellness and diet brand, presented by elements™. The focus of the BalanceD™ brand is a multi-million dollar online diet portal, offering customized diet and weight loss services, along with powerful community features such as online friends, expert tips, and advice.

BalanceD™ is currently developing a national rollout of weight loss stores, which offer both the online diet portal, as well as diet counseling and products, in an upscale and stylish atmosphere.

The wellness program differs from many other diet providers in three important ways:

  • promoting a balanced, healthy lifestyle rather than a particular food or menu
  • a strong affiliation with fitness brand elements™, promoting both diet and exercise
  • powerful coaching and community features for member retention

The Mission

The BalanceD™ Diet Company is a leading provider of products and programs in the diet and nutrition industry. By offering a superior online presence, robust community features, and employing innovative marketing techniques, the company will maintain a position as an upmarket diet brand with related products and services. BalanceD™ captures market share from other diet competitors, fitness and supplement offerings, as well as creating new market share with a more upscale consumer group. Powerful community and coaching toolsets have been created to maximize client retention.

The Opportunity

The backbone of the BalanceD™ brand is a multi-million dollar online diet portal, Offering customized diet and weight Loss services, along with powerful Community features such as online Friends, expert tips, and advice.

BalanceD™ also features "bricks and mortar" storefronts, which will offer both the online diet portal, as well as diet counseling and products, in an upscale and stylish atmosphere.

BalanceD™ stores are located in top retail environments. The small, boutique store units are expertly designed to maximize sales per square foot. A top retailing team is involved in all aspects of store design, marketing, and advertising concepts.

Opening an BalanceD™ store presents the opportunity to participate in the significant profits of the recession-proof diet and nutrition market. The diet and nutrition products industry is experiencing a powerful trend toward consolidation and financial growth. The diet industry also benefits from unusually high margins on product, and a fast-growing international marketplace.

Each facility will be managed by an experienced sales manager, using a proven system of marketing provided by elements licensing group. elements™ is in the business of franchising, branding, business development, sales training, and operations consulting.

The BalanceD™ Advantage

The affiliation with a fitness brand, robust online presence with both a magazine and diet site, experienced marketing team, robust and growing community of loyal users, and celebrity and medical endorsements enjoyed by BalanceD™ will position the company as a leader in the diet and nutrition industry.

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