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Consider Our Opportunity Now

The time is ideal for you to carve out your piece of the multi-billion-dollar a year assisted living industry. You'll work with families in your area, helping them to find and tour assisted living facilities and homes. It's an extraordinary opportunity for you to Achieve extraordinary success ... and feel good doing it!

Uniquely Positioned To Bring You Success NOW

Like all the most successful business ventures, Assisted Living Locators is truly unique. It's different from any other senior-related franchise offering ... and it's better. Most companies limit their services to offering in-home care. But we do more, much more, and that means you can, too. With the help of Assisted Living Locators, you'll be able to offer families in your area the unique ability to explore in- and out-of-home assisted living options. And more options mean more successful placements for the growing numbers of seniors in need and their families.

Cost Is Never A Concern

Families in crisis over senior assisted living options have many concerns, and the biggest one is often financial. The unique thing about our industry is that families never pay for your services. That's right! You provide all your services free of charge to families while the assisted living facilities and homes pay your fee if your client chooses their place of residence. Instead of a salesperson, you act more as a marketing representative for homes and facilities in your community. That allows families to take advantage of your local expertise without any additional financial burden to their search.

About Our Industry

While the average senior would rather choose to live at home than move into an assisted living facility, our nation is in the midst of the largest caregiving shortage in history. With not enough trained caregivers to provide adequate care to millions of seniors in their homes, many seniors will opt to live in assisted living environments. While non-medical home health agencies are scrambling to find caregivers, you will be helping seniors move out of their homes to find the care that they deserve.

A Growth Opportunity

Growth is the defining characteristic of the assisted living industry. Revenues are currently at $12-15 billion per year with no end in sight to an exponential increase in numbers. The current growth rate of assisted living has been unprecedented. Every day in America, there are tens of thousands of families searching for assisted living homes and facilities for their elderly parents or parent.

With over 35,000 assisted living facilities and over one million elderly already in assisted living currently, this industry is exploding!

Your three-day training takes place in our hometown, lovely Scottsdale, Arizona. Once there, you'll be immersed in a real-life, real-time situation and you'll learn first hand -- on-the-job with us -- how to successfully operate your business. Then we'll put theory into practice in your business. We'll head home with you to your personal franchise and "work it" with you. It's true! You can count on us to give you hands-on support to market your franchise and set up your business systems.

What Makes Assisted Living Locators Unique?

Assisted Living Locators has the largest DVD care home tour library available anywhere. Our "Bring The Facility To You" program can show potential clients their assisted living options from their bedside at nursing homes or hospitals. You will have access to a DVD tour of every home and facility that you contract with. You will be able to show these DVD's to potential clients as well as potential referral sources.

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