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In 1987, Mary LaMeres-Pomin and Lyle Martin left the "traditional" world of real estate in search of a better way for consumers to sell their homes. They developed a model that provides home sellers with all of the services they need from a real estate company, but for a low, flat fee. The Assist-2-Sell® discount cost model also appeals to home buyers, who recognize the benefit of the large selection of competitively-priced homes offered through Assist-2-Sell's exclusive home listings database.

The response to this consumer-friendly model was immediate and significant. Since opening the first office in Reno, Nev., Assist-2-Sell has grown to more than 450 franchise offices in 44 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces. Over the years, Assist-2-Sell has been recognized by numerous publications as one of the fastest growing and most successful real estate franchises, a testament to the efficacy of the low fee real estate service model.

Assist-2-Sell's popular "low fee" concept attracts a high volume of business. While the low fee commission results in significant discounts for the home sellers, continuing to deliver full-service is the key to the company's success. Consumers want and need the full services of a professional REALTOR®; they just don't want to pay high commissions. With Assist-2-Sell's full real estate services and discounted commission rate, those needs are fulfilled.

Assist-2-Sell has saved home sellers over $900 million in real estate commissions, and is the leading discount cost real estate company in North America.

About Assist-2-Sell's® Founders

Putting the consumer first has always guided their planning. Mary and Lyle have always believed in Assist-2-Sell and knew it would work. Despite the many challenges they have faced over the years, quitting was never an option. They wanted to make a difference in the lives of a lot of people, including consumers and real estate agents, and they have.

Over the last 20+ years, Mary LaMeres-Pomin and Lyle Martin, the founders of Assist-2-Sell®, have built an enduring and very successful partnership, and a close friendship. To what do they credit this long-standing relationship? Mutual respect and trust. They also share one another's commitment to excellence and strong work ethic, as well as the determination to revolutionize the real estate industry.

As "traditional" real estate agents, Mary and Lyle recognized the inefficiencies and inconsistencies rampant in the real estate industry. Home sellers had little choice but to pay high commissions with no assurance of receiving high value. "Traditional" agents struggled to attract sellers, spending most of their time looking for business instead of actually doing business. Mary and Lyle didn't think this was working well for most home sellers - or real estate agents - and they believed there had to be a better way. In 1987, they became partners in a new real estate brokerage in Reno, Nevada, called Assist-2-Sell. That partnership has since become one of the greatest success stories in the real estate industry.

Assist-2-Sell has grown far beyond its Reno roots. Assist-2-Sell has more than 500 franchise offices throughout the United States and Canada. Entrepreneur Magazine has tracked Assist-2-Sell's growth, ranking it No. 48 in its "Franchise 500" (January 2007), and naming it one of the "Fastest-Growing Franchises" and one of "America's Top Global Franchises" four years in a row (2004-2007). Mary and Lyle have also been recognized as two of the "100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders" by Inman News three years in a row (2005-2008).

Mary and Lyle continue to play a vital role in the success and growth of their company. Nearly every month, new franchise owners travel to the corporate office in Reno, where they are trained on the "Assist-2-Sell System" by Mary and Lyle themselves. They continue to teach the training classes because they love sharing their ideas, methods and experiences with franchise owners. They enjoy being part of the transformation and success of franchisees, and are motivated by their desire to help consumers enjoy the benefits of a better way to buy and sell real estate.

Mary and Lyle continue to make necessary adjustments to the "Assist-2-Sell System," based on changes to the marketplace and in response to the needs of the consumer. They have always been dedicated to listening to consumers and to constantly improving.

Discount real estate services

If you're tired of Begging for listings, maybe you should try a different approach.

The traditional way of practicing real estate is changing. Assist-2-Sell has a proven marketing program. Our system works and makes sense. Our low-fee commissions generate more leads than you can imagine. It's a program that works without high overhead and a large sales staff. We'll teach you our secrets of success and show you everything you need to know to get started and build a profitable business. Assist-2-Sell franchises are surprisingly affordable.

We are offering franchises or licensing opportunities in most areas of the country and soon Internationally. There are still plenty of territories available, but they are going fast! Assist-2-Sell will be coming to your area soon. The question is: Do you want to be the owner/operator who brings it? It is surprisingly easy to become an owner.

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