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Why Franchise?

Have you ever heard the terms "Hindsight is 20/20" or "I wish I knew then what I know now"?

Franchising provides those answers. Franchising allows you to tap into a proven business formula and obtain a greater degree of brand awareness by utilizing an established name, logo or trademark. According to franchising facts, franchises have a success rate two and a half times greater vs. independent, non-franchise businesses. In fact 95% of all franchises operate past their first year where less then 35% of independent businesses make it. Franchising is like going into a new venture with a more experienced partner, although with Anytime Fitness®- you still own 100% of your business.

As an Anytime franchisee, you can receive an enormous wealth of experience and training along with a simplified, turnkey package that allows you to open and operate your fitness center business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why the Fitness Industry?

A recent joint study done by the Center of Disease Control and the Surgeon General outlines that poor healthy behaviors are the second leading cause of death behind smoking. The study also uncovered that over "60 percent of all Americans are not regularly active" and that the United States leads the world when it comes to obesity. This report goes on to state "these are dangerous trends and we need to turn them around quickly, for the health of our citizens and our country."

If you combine the mounting evidence by health experts, spiraling health care costs and national awareness spotlighted by the recent Surgeon General's report, exercise is becoming a hard topic to ignore. In fact, every day millions of Americans experience a variety of health conditions such as arthritis, hypertension, lower back pain, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, stress and countless other physical or mental setbacks making regular physical activity a necessity!

Enter the baby boom generation. They will enter their 40's, 50's and early 60's in this decade and most of the 78 million of them will have concerns about their aging and quality of life. Combine that with an estimated 46 million generation X-ers, who are far more fitness savvy than their parents and you have a growing market to the fitness industry.

Now, consider those facts with these interesting statistics for the fitness industry. In 1987, an estimated 13.7 million people were members of health club facilities. By 2000, that number had grown to approximately 29 million, a growth of 112 percent! An industry wide effort is underway to enroll 50 million members by 2010, spearheaded by the International Health Racquet & Sports club Association (IRHSA) and the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association (SGMA). "For club owners, 50 million by 2010 means a growing membership, a growing market and a growing business. Plus it means the opportunity for accelerated growth in revenues and profitability," states a joint report published by IRHSA and SMGA.

What Makes Anytime Unique?

There is not just one item that makes Anytime Fitness® unique. It may simply be the perfect blend of many factors that allows an Anytime Fitness® health club to be unique and successful. In the information below, we will outline our proven system of keeping expenses low, and providing a business model that will give you an increased competitive edge!

For many people, success is dependent on many factors such as family, friends, hobbies, goals, work status and having freedom and control of your life. Operating an Anytime Fitness® center can help you achieve your personal definition of success by allowing you the freedom to work on your own time, the control to make important decisions, the pride of ownership and the ability to lead a balanced life. In fact the primary benefit to owning or working out at an Anytime Fitness® center is the convenience it provides for both owners and members.


In today's time starved world, many people cannot join a club because of their busy, unpredictable schedule. In fact, the biggest objection most prospective members share was lack of time, and the number one reason they chose a particular club was based on the convenience it offered. With an Anytime Fitness® franchise, you may be the most convenient fitness option in your area. With the 24-hour Lockmatic system, your members can workout "anytime"- 24 hours a day. The Lockmatic system is interfaced with your check in software and security system that allows you and your customer to feel secure, even if you or your staff is not there. This system also allows an Anytime Fitness® club to be convenient not only for your members, but for you, in making it possible to accomplish tasks outside the club and still continue to lead a balanced life -go out for lunch, pick up the kids from school, be active in the community or whatever is important to you.

How Does an Anytime Fitness Club Create Revenue?

Membership sales and monthly dues - The majority of your revenue will be derived from membership sales. We will recommend a monthly dues program with a one-time enrollment fee. Each member has the option to pay in full or pay his or her dues each month via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), which can be done using a credit card, checking account or savings account.

The rates of your memberships may vary based on area demographics and offerings of facility. We can help you set up your pricing structure.

How Will We Assist You in Creating Revenue?

As an Anytime Fitness® owner, we can help you unlock the secrets to possible success in the fitness industry and provide you with scripts, ads, marketing pieces, sales and operations manuals we have developed and used, which should give you the advantage you need to be victorious in your business endeavors. During the initial, mandatory training to all franchisees, we will cover:

  • Implementing a 9-step sales process to sell more memberships.
  • How to create more traffic via corporate sales, senior programs, referrals and more.
  • At the first of every month you may receive our "Monthly Success Pack" which may contain new sales tips, marketing pieces, customer service ideas, member retention programs and ongoing education packets.
  • Copies of newspaper ads, direct mail pieces, radio ads, telemarketing scripts, testimonials, referral passes and a marketing plan to follow.
  • 1-800-704-5004 anytime for ongoing training or daily questions.
  • Annual club camps, on site visits and a chat room for other Anytime Fitness® owners to share ideas and thoughts on the fitness industry. Let us help you take your ideas along with feedback from other Anytime Fitness® owners and put them to the test.
  • Pre-sale assistance.
  • How to manage your time and handle the day-to-day operations.
  • How to master incoming and outgoing sales calls.

Coming Soon!

  • The Anytime Video closer and workbook series.

Other Revenue Centers

Depending on your time and personal objectives for your club, we can help you set up a variety of revenue centers. Nutrition programs, personal training, tanning and supplements are some of the more effective revenue centers your club can offer.

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