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A Silver Lining

With a rapidly expanding senior population, non-medical in-home care franchises are perfectly positioned for huge growth. An Amada Senior Care business, however, has benefits you won't find anywhere else.

Multiple Streams of Revenue
Non-medical in-home care is big business, and it's at the core of what Amada does - but it's not the only way you'll make money as an Amada Senior Care franchise partner. Because in-home care isn't the right option for every senior, our franchise partners also help families secure the best possible assisted living arrangements for their loved ones.

Rapid Growth
In just 6 years, Amada has become one of the largest and the fastest growing in-home care franchises in Southern California - and we're rapidly expanding to other areas.

Generous Franchise Territories
On average, in-home care industry competitors offer an initial franchise territory of less than 300,000 people. To ensure our franchise partners can outwork and outgrow the competition, we offer large protected territories of 350,000 or larger.

Amada Senior Care's unique, proprietary software streamlines and organizes your business, making it easy to provide industry-leading quality of care for your clients. We don't just promise to do certain tasks - with Transparent, we can show clients that they have been completed and provide total peace of mind.

Expert Training

Initial Training. Our franchise partners start with an intensive 5-day training course at our corporate support center where our dedicated team of experts will take you through each specific function of your business. During this time you'll learn about the administrative and operational sides of the business including sales, marketing, finance, care, human resources, customer service and more.

Training Onsite. After our intensive 5-day training, one of our Amada support coaches spends time in your territory to kick start your sales and recruiting strategies. You and the support coach will touch on every aspect of the business - from walking into your local hospitals and other already identified referral sources, to interviewing caregivers and performing a needs analysis for a new client. During this visit, our franchisees come to realize that they are partners who are building a long-term, sustainable business with the Amada founders.

Staff Development. It is imperative that our clients receive the highest level of care. This means that our franchise partners must hire caregivers that can consistently perform on our mission to improve the quality of life for those we serve, and staff that can manage these caregivers and other office functions effectively. Crucial parts of our training process include teaching our franchise partners how to find and train caregivers, and preparing them to staff and run every area of their business.

Ongoing Training. You'll always have cell phone numbers for our coaches, as well as the contact information for a support team with over 50 years of combined franchising experience. If need be, we will get on a plane to come and see you.

What it Takes

Owning an Amada Senior Care business requires an investment with two major components - human and financial. Above all, we're looking for good human beings - compassionate and motivated individuals with a drive to help and a drive to become effective business leaders. We can train you in nearly everything else, but nothing can compensate for lack of desire and heart.

Mission of Amada Senior Care
The mission of Amada Senior Care is to Enrich the lives of our clients, their families, our staff and the senior community in which we serve. Our goal is to set the standard of care in our industry by creating an innovative and customized senior care experience.

At Amada we value these five things:

  • Compassionate/Charitable
  • Competitively driven to be the best
  • Urgency in all things
  • Farmer/Entrepreneur mentality
  • Confidently Humble

This means we partner with, hire, and promote those who demonstrate these traits.

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