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Give them the world and the advantages that come with it.

Imagine being able to provide a service that everyone can benefit from. Imagine the advantages of a successful franchise that offers endless applications for everyone, and a steady stream of customers for you. That's Air Advantage. We're the wireless communication system that delivers effortless, seamless and peerless broadband service to people living beyond the city limits.

Come Fly With Us.

Where would you be without the Internet? Now, imagine being one of the millions who lives outside the city limits. What do they do for Internet service? Do they get service at all? From billing to customer support, from research & development to Network management, from marketing to tech support, Air Advantage has the business plan in place, so doing business on your end is a snap. So, go ahead, tap into the future. Join our growing franchise today.

Imagine the advantages of a successful franchise.

What defines a successful franchise? Is it one that puts an imprint on a community? Is it one that makes the franchisee money? Is it one that changes lives? Or, is it one that does all that and more?

As an Air Advantage franchisee, you can be part of a network that is gaining customers and gaining momentum. We've mastered the technology and have taken root in communities where we've become a household name. It's no wonder we won the US Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Award in 2006 and 2007.

And now, you can bring the world to people and take people to the world. Just imagine the doors you'll open for folks in rural or small town, U.S.A., by providing them with wireless Internet service. The benefits are endless, the opportunities are amazing, the advantages are plentiful.

Make the Connection.

As of October 2007, we serve over 4,000 customers in Michigan and continue to experience above average growth. Air Advantage provides the following advantages for franchisees...

  • Reasonable cost of entry
  • Administrative support is covered by Corporate
  • Strong franchisor support
  • Tried and True experience in the field

Become a franchisee and the sky's your limit.

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