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"The Business Owners best friend"

The PEO industry is "leveling the playing field" for business owners. Many of our clients, who outsource their personnel to us, say they save both money and time. If you employ between 5 and 1000 employees, contact us today and see how our services can benefit your company.

  • 1/3 of our clients tell us they save money using our services.
  • 1/3 tell us its a break-even proposition.
  • 1/3 tells us our services cost a small amount but it's well worth the cost

What Is A Professional Employer Organization - PEO/ASO/HRO?

  • A Professional Employer Organization is a dynamic new outsourcing industry that offers independent business owners a convenient and effective opportunity to come together and "level the playing field" through group purchasing, economy of scale, and vendor consolidation.
  • PEO - ASO offers a host of high-tech, environmentally friendly business solutions for astute hard driving business owners who need to compete with the "big guys" appreciated by both the client and the employees.
  • PEO companies are growing at an explosive rate (30%). Most experts predict this rate of growth will continue to increase as more and more business owners turn to PEOs to provide the tools needed to increase productivity and profit, thereby maintaining a sharper business focus.

What Does A Business Owner Outsource?

  • Business owners outsource most of their human resource function and responsibility to a PEO. In this arrangement, the business owner continues to retain full operational control over the employees' activities.

What are the Major Benefits to the Business Owner?

  • According to the U.S. Business Administration, the average annual cost of regulation, paperwork, and tax compliance for firms with fewer than 500 employees is about $5,000 per employee, compared with $3,400 per employee for firms with more than 500 employees. The average small business owner spends between 7% and 25% of his or her time handling employee-related paperwork. - U. S. Small Business Administration

  • Business owners often want, and need, to focus their time and energy on the "business of their business" and not on the "business of employment". As businesses grow, owners often don't have the necessary human resource training; payroll and accounting skills; knowledge of regulatory compliance; or backgrounds in risk management, insurance and employee benefit programs to meet the demands of being an employer.

What are the Major Benefits to the Employee?

  • Employees gain: a 401K retirement plan; a pre-tax 125 cafeteria plan, a choice of bigger/better benefits tailored to the employee's individual needs; professional claims processing and assistance; increased take-home pay; a regularly updated employee manual; direct deposit to savings/checking accounts; and low interest loans from credit union membership and much more.

Who uses PEOs?

  • Business owners with 5 to 1,000 employees benefit by outsourcing their human resource functions to a PEO.

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