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Let AIA leverage you into your piece
of an US$18 billion dollar business!

Independent and entrepreneurial, you're not content to go through life on cruise control - you're looking for a rewarding business ownership opportunity with high potential, low cost of entry, rapid start-up and a satisfying life style. That's where we come in.

Our franchisees use AIA Corporation's tremendous financial strength to grow their businesses. AIA actually provides their working capital, making it possible to take a small investment and enjoy virtually unlimited growth. For AIA franchisees, no deal is too big!

Besides providing working capital, our financial strength means huge purchasing cost advantages and access to a nearly infinite array of products and services. It's all supported by our Gold Standard Training, unsurpassed marketing programs, full back-office support (including customer invoicing) and tied together with our industry leading Oasis technology platform.

  • Low Cost- High Potential
  • Business to Business, High Repeat Sales
  • Working Capital Provided
  • Home Based, Flexible Life-Style
  • No Inventory
  • Rapid Start-Up, Immediate Cash-Flow

Why the Promotional Products industry?

This vibrant US$18 billion* industry is the alternative to traditional advertising media. Customers actually buy our products to give them away, ensuring a high level of repeat business. With value-added solutions to meet marketers' needs, AIA franchisees reach a variety of buyers and help them achieve their advertising goals with measurable results. Besides being tangible and long-lasting, promotional products have a high perceived value and complement other media, giving your customers integrated solutions that communicate, motivate, differentiate, innovate and generate - and you're the hero!
(*Source - PPAI 2005 Sales Volume Estimate)

Promotional products buyers are typically found in the marketing, sales, human resources and administrative areas of any organization. They work in corporations, non-profits, schools, hospitals, small businesses - the list is endless. These buyers are responsible for an array of advertising, conference, incentive, event, and employment initiatives. They look to creative, customer-focused Promotional Consultants who understand their needs, provide solutions and help them reach their goals. In doing so, the Promotional Consultant and the buyer create a partnership - a relationship that can be long-lasting and lead to valuable referral business.

Why Adventures in Advertising?

  • Leadership - Adventures in Advertising franchisees know that they're associated with a dominant company in the promotional products industry. Since it's beginning in 1980, Adventures in Advertising has been recognized as an industry leader. This gives our franchisees an edge that others simply don't have.
  • Relationships - Your customers develop and build a relationship with you - we provide the tools and services to help you strengthen and grow that relationship.
  • Strength - Incorporate the strength of the Adventures in Advertising name with the distinction of your business identity - create the image you want to portray for your organization.
  • Flexibility - Operate from a home or leased-office space - the choice is yours. There is no inventory necessary.
  • Training - Achieve your potential with our Gold Standard Training, giving you a strong foundation of promotional products sales and marketing, business management and operations knowledge, as well as continuing educational opportunities via classroom, field training and web training to help you grow.
  • Support - We provide the back-office services that free you to build your business. From sales coaching to supplier relations; door-opening marketing services to technology support; business management services to networking events - you benefit from our experienced and hard-working professional staff, all focused on your needs.

The information presented may have changed since first published. We recommend that you always verify fees, investment amounts and offers with the business opportunity directly prior to making a decision to invest.

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