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Maximize the return on your investment
with an Accessible Home Health Care
Home Health Care
Staffing franchise.

Why settle for a strictly Non-Medical/staffing franchise with a restricted revenue stream???

Accessible provides you unlimited profit potential in all aspects of the
continuously growing home health care industry.

available at per unit cost savings.

Healthcare Experience Not Required!

Accessible Franchise Services

Today and in the future, the need for long term / home health care service will be increasingly demanding. The full service medical and non-medical providers such as Accessible will continue to grow, whereas strictly non-medical care providers will have an uphill battle to maintain or sustain growth.

Accessible Home Health Care is a multi dimensional, full service "personal health care" provider. We provide medical and non-medical compassionate care to all age groups from newborns to seniors. We want to serve the needs of all potential clients rather than just one segment or age group.

We provide services at hourly, daily live-in, or at a flat weekly rate to serve our clients varying care needs. Our franchisees are licensed, and provide the level of care based on our clients' fluctuating needs, budget & Insurance. We draw from all revenue streams, including private pay, long-term care insurance and Medicare, states permitting. We also provide supplemental staffing to businesses.

Accessible Franchise Advantages

You face a serious decision...which is the best home health care franchise for your immediate and long term sustained growth and financial success...

We are positive that upon thorough evaluation of twelve (12) key factors outlined below you will overwhelmingly decide to join our team of franchisees. Each of these will be critical to your success ... consider them seriously in your decision:

1) Medical & Non-Medical home health care provider: Accessible provides both, thus we have an advantage over the non-medical home care company. When their clients require medical care they have to refer the case to a medical care provider as us.

2) State licensing: Accessible has the knowledge and experience to assist you through this process.

3) Manuals: Accessible has detailed pre-opening, operations, forms, and corporate procedures manuals.

4) Operational Financing: Accessible, provide receivable financing, thus you can grow without the cash flow pressures caused by slow paying insurance companies. Other franchisors do not offer financing and thus require substantially higher investment.

5) Corporate Insurance: Accessible has an agreement with major insurance underwriters to provide business insurance to our franchisees based on our zero claim history.

6) Insurance company credentialing: Accessible is an approved provider on all major long-term health insurance companies' networks. Our franchisee will be eligible to serve them in their area as we notify the carriers of our expanding capability.

7) Business development: Accessible has detailed sales, marketing, and advertising programs. We have professionally designed brochures, and advertising concepts.

8) Training & on-going support: Accessible will provide initial, week long training. Thereafter we will be available to support you every step of the way. Our success is judged by your success.

9) Accounting Services: Accessible will provide centralized billing, payment & collection services.

10) Proprietary Operational Programs: Accessible has digitally encrypted, HIPPA compliant programs, allowing franchisees to track patients, aides, and billing easily.

11) Range of services: Accessible provides its services to all age groups from newborns to seniors.

12) Reasonable Initial Investment: Accessible franchisees initial investment is reasonable with protected territories, typically significantly larger than other franchise territories.

Our Franchisees

With our hiring practices, support, and training, it is not required for our franchisees to have a medical background, just the drive to succeed. Our company's mantra is "Failure is Not an Option." Join our franchise team to start reaping the benefits of an unlimited revenue stream.

Our History & Future

Since 2001 we have established ourselves as the leader in providing excellent care to our clients. We have taken the initiative in educating our clients on what they should expect from their health care provider. We have established quality assurance programs and emergency management plans that exceed the requirements of the State regulatory agencies. Accessible has and continues to work with insurance carriers in fighting fraud and abuse by increasing the credentialing requirements for approved providers. We are continuously working with the insurance companies in an effort to expedite payments.

We will never compromise the quality of care we provide. Through the use of our SYSTEM, training and support, our franchisees will continue to be successful.

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