Abundant Life Luxury Estates Destination
Club Franchise Business Opportunity

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Through a unique business opportunity, Abundant Life Luxury Estates Destination Club authorizes independent entrepreneurs the ability to market memberships in this unique lifestyle club that provides members use of exquisite, multi-million dollar vacation properties throughout the world.

Represent One of Life's Finer Things!

The Abundant Life Advantage

Abundant Life Club Members enjoy access to exclusive, luxurious vacation estates with a wide choice of destination options around the world. Members join our club much as they would a glamorous country club, but instead of joining to golf, play tennis or enjoy the social amenities; the members of our club use the club's multi-million dollar houses, estates, villas and even actual castles for exclusive, private vacationing for themselves, family, friends, even business associates. They do all this without the hassle of ownership, but with all the benefits. Elegance. Luxury. Exclusive. Private.

To learn more about the club and its unique vacation properties and services, request information today!

This opportunity is for those business-oriented individuals or couples who are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind business opportunity that is truly different.

The Opportunity

The Abundant Life Luxury Estates Destination Club is part of a rapidly growing industry that caters to the affluent sector of our society. Frequent luxury travelers, people who own vacation-type second homes, those who travel first-class or by private air, and those that enjoy vacationing in a relaxed but lavish style, are candidates for membership in our club, regardless of where they live. Chances are you know many of these types, or know they exist in your community. As a National Membership Director for the club, you are positioned to help satisfy their need and enjoy the rewards.

The club's unique vacation properties available to members (average price $2 million and more) are quite intriguing. Just as exciting, Abundant Life has instituted a revolutionary new membership category (Owner/Member Segment) which is designed specifically for potential members who already own a second-home in a vacation-type area that they do not use as much as they once did or who want to turn their one home into 50 plus homes in a variety of vacation destinations. This segment promises to be a very popular addition to the club and tremendously expands the potential for prospective members.

The Preparation

As an Abundant Life Luxury Estates National Membership Director, you are thoroughly trained in all the aspects of the club at our headquarters in South Florida. You'll learn the details of the over 50 unique properties in the current club portfolio. You'll learn the benefits of club ownership versus "going it alone." You'll learn how it's actually cost efficient to join the club rather than owning a vacation home or vacationing in luxury resorts. You are provided modern marketing materials including state-of-the-art website and web-based marketing techniques. And you enjoy the flexibility and potential of your own business as well!

A Unique Relationship

Unique in today's world, becoming a National Membership Director of Abundant Life Luxury Estates Destination Club is not a franchise. You are not obligated to pay royalties, complete monthly reports, buy properties or other items from the club. Your role is to fill your selected market place with the knowledge that you are the Membership Director for this lavish club through local involvement in social events, charity events, celebrations, holiday events and any local activities that brings you in touch with the movers, shakers and most successful people (and businesses) in your market. Quite a unique way to operate your own business!

Who's Best Suited?

Whether your career includes banking, brokerage, real estate, financial planning, accounting, professional athletics, high-end sales, marketing, advertising, or someone who understands and enjoys the finer things in life, you will recognize this opportunity as one that offers to those who fit the profile, a superior way to enjoy the fruits of their success. So regardless of your business experience or your gender, you can do this if you enjoy working with people, providing them information, knowledge and the opportunity of joining this very unique, exclusive lifestyle club. And you enjoy the benefits and control of your own business at the same time.

Take the Next Step --

The Abundant Life Luxury Estates Destination Club allows you to own your own exclusive business without being alone.

The Club provides all the properties, impeccable services to Club Members and all the marketing materials you need. Your business is to seek out and obtain new Club Members and to make sure they are delighted with their Club. There are no construction time delays, office location searches or other time consuming 'setting up' ... so the sooner you complete your training, the sooner you open your business. We also provide your business cards the next day.

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