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Nailing the Market

These days, everyone is pressed for time and looking for ways to accomplish more in less time. With locations planned for airports and busy commercial centers, :10 Minute Manicure offers important services to our customers where the want it most: close to their office, where they shop and when they travel. Our sleek free standing or inline locations are geared to the high-end market, a market that's largely comprised of people who lack the time for hour-long treatments.

An Innovative Idea

The :10 Minute Manicure concept is the brainchild of Lorraine O'Neil, Vivian Jimenez, and Karen Janson. As professionals who traveled, the three friends brainstormed opportunities that would make lives easier for men and women travelers. It wasn't long before they arrived at the idea of express manicures in the airport.

In addition to firsthand experience with professional travel, Lorraine's background as an attorney and Vivian and Karen's experience as public relations executives have brought an ideal blend of personal insight and professional knowledge to :10 Minute Manicure. And their entrepreneurial spirit inspires them to achieve a goal to become the global leader in express nail services. Should you be selected to join the :10 Minute Manicure franchise team, you'll represent a vibrant and growing brand that has won the acclaim of national press, customers, and host airports. You'll operate your franchise, using our well-designed business system.

Brilliant Business System

When brainstorming this idea, :10 Minute Manicure founders listed all the elements they wanted to see in a nail care concept--and the result is : sterilized tools, consistent service levels, cool atmosphere, great products, and services that fit their busy schedules.

"I've seen people literally stop in their tracks when they see the ':10 Minute Manicure' marquee. They look at their watch and say, 'wow, I have 10 minutes.'"
Lorraine O'Neil Co-founder, Partner

  • Distinctive Look
    The :10 Minute Manicure decor promotes relaxation and comfort, where clients can make the most of their moments of self-indulgence.

  • Superb Health & Safety Standards
    Customers rely on :10 Minute Manicure to go above and beyond in the effort to prevent the spread of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. You'll adhere to our high standards of sterilization, which help eliminate health and safety issues and further distinguishes the :10 Minute Manicure brand.

  • Consistent, Quality Services
    All :10 Minute Manicure salons follow standardized procedures and services, so your customers will know what to expect when they enter your store.

  • Private Label Products
    Another exciting aspect of the exceptional :10 Minute Manicure franchise is the high-end, private label products you'll use on clients and offer for sale.

  • Effective Store Design
    Your :10 Minute Manicure facility may range in size from 100 to 1,200 square feet, as dictated by location. Regardless of size, the units are efficiently designed to best utilize space, with many components built in. Your store will be compact but never cramped!

The :10 Franchise Advantage

When you become a member of the :10 Minute Manicure franchise team, you join the vast, ever-expanding world of franchising. There are more than 760,000 franchised businesses in the United States, generating more than $1.5 trillion in economic activity. What draws so many people to this powerful industry? For one, the expansive network of franchising can foster productive, mutually beneficial relationships for those who wish to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

With a :10 Minute Manicure franchise, you'll represent an exclusive, recognizable and trusted brand. Moreover, you'll follow our time-tested methods and procedures, as you provide our top quality products and services. In many cases, you may be able to reduce the risks commonly associated with starting up a small business by relying on our established system of operation. Plus, we'll provide you with excellent support and expert advice.

Franchise Support

You'll be well-prepared to operate your :10 Minute Manicure franchise with a full array of support services designed to help you every step of the way.

  • Training
    We want all of our franchisees and their managers to be well-versed in our organization as well as our products and services. Just prior to and immediately following the opening of your own location, we'll send an experienced trainer to assist you in getting off to a polished start.

  • Site Selection
    You'll receive guidelines on choosing a location for your :10 Minute Manicure franchise. Whether you wish to operate in an airport, mall, business, or strip center, we will assist you in making your selection.

  • Marketing Support
    Well versed in public relations and experienced in promoting the :10 Minute Manicure brand, we'll share our expertise with you. In addition, you'll be provided with consumer marketing plans and professionally-produced advertising materials for your use.

  • Operations Manual
    All the "tricks of the trade" can be found in your operation manual, which contains detailed information on our policies, procedures, and much more. You'll rely on this extensive reference, as you start out in your new business.

  • Ongoing Service and Support
    You can rely on us for ongoing operational support in areas such as unit operations and maintenance, customer service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and much more. We'll be available by phone or email to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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